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Fairfax Performance Breastplate


The Fairfax Performance Breastplate was developed in the UK and has been designed to:

  • Prevent the saddle slipping back when needed

  • Work without restricting the horse’s breathing

  • Allow the horse to maintain his natural jumping action or shape over a fenc

Using Pliance Pressure mapping and Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis, Fairfax analysis of breastplate designs showed that using a breastplate has a significant negative effect on the horse’s action as he jumps.

The design of the Fairfax Performance Breastplate ensures that it does not interfere with the horse’s natural jumping action or shape over the fence, and scientific trials have shown that the breastplate does not interfere with the horse’s natural jumping action or shape over the fence. 

If you're thinking about purchasing this breastplate, consider the following comments from Bevan Dugan, a trainer in Vermont, about the Fairfax Performance Breastplate and about Colleen.  Disclaimer:  We did ask Bevan for her comments on the breastplate; she added the welcome comments about Colleen without prompting:

I LOVE the Fairfax breastplate! I feel like the traditional hunting breastplates and even the five-point can almost pull the saddle down onto the horse's withers. This one just keeps everything in place and I swear the horses jump better through their shoulders in it than in the other styles. It's also so versatile and simple to adjust that it's easy to use on multiple horses. 

Colleen and her saddles are absolutely essential to my program. I never have to worry or wonder about saddle fit when Colleen is part of the equation. Her theory is simple and the horses are happy in their backs. Colleen has sort of a "6th saddle sense" and I just do whatever she says and don't feel I ever have to give it a second thought. I can't imagine trusting anyone else with such an essential component of the management of my horses. 


Note:  The two photos of the rider in green are of Bevan.  The photos were taken by her working student, Lena Rosen.

One size, fully adjustable (not suitable for ponies).

Available in black or brown.

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