Equilibrium Tri-Zone Impact Boots


Equilibrium Tri-Zone Impact Boots are the ultimate in leg protection.  Suitable for a wide range of disciplines from schooling and hacking to 4* eventing.

  • Extremely lightweight, even when wet.

  • Breathable multi-layered composition.
  • Front and hind boots offer an armored font panel/strike guard.  Front boots offer an armored tendon panel/strike guard, and hind boots offer an armored brushing panel/strike guard.

  • Flexibility reduces restriction of the horse's movement.

Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Available in Black, Blue, and White (Red no longer available).

Available in Front and Hind.

Note:  Medium and Large are usually in stock.  Please allow 7-9 weeks for shipment of Small and Extra Large.

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Vendor: Equilibrium

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