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Ecogold Frictionless Saddle Pad


Ecogold’s Frictionless Saddle Pad

The Ecogold Frictionless saddle pad is the ultimate in comfort for the dressage horse. It is an ultra-lightweight saddle pad, made with high-tech materials to prevent rubbing on the horse’s back and quickly evaporate moisture.

Ecogold’s innovative Frictionless saddle pad has a unique combination of Lycra and Teflon-lined fabrics on the underside, which transfer all friction and rubbing inside the saddle pad and maximize comfort for the horse.

The outside layer of the saddle pad has an exclusive high-tech material that quickly wicks away moisture to keep the horse cool and dry.

Super for year-round use, but particularly appealing during season transitions when your horse's back could be particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations and changes in training regimen.

  • Prevents rubbing on the horse’s back
  • Quickly evaporates moisture keeping the horse cool & dry
  • Helps prevent back bumps and bald spots
  • Pad is 23" long across the spine and 21" down
    Note:  We prefer, and offer, the Ecogold Frictionless Saddle Pad without the rear fleece trim.

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