Adam Ellis Old Chatham Jump Saddle

Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis Old Chatham Jump Saddle

The Adam Ellis Old Chatham Jump Saddle is handmade by Adam Ellis in Walsall. This saddle has a tree that is generous to fit to the broader backed horse, with a wide bearing area that enhances the rock-solid stability of this horse-friendly tree.  For riders who have struggled to find a jump saddle that will be stable on a thicker-backed horse, this saddle is a great solution.  It is equally comfortable for the rider, with a cushy, grippy seat and so beautifully balanced that it is secure without being confining.  

Available in jump flap (forward) or GP flap, with wool serge or leather panels.  MW or W broad back fit.

All Adam Ellis Saddles are bench-made in Walsall, England.

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Vendor: Adam Ellis

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