Kent and Masters Cob GP Saddle and Flatback GP Saddle

Kent and Masters

  • Good saddle solution for many thicker-backed horses.
  • Works best in MW through XW widths.
  • The flaps on the Kent & Masters Cob GP are cut straighter than the flaps on many GP saddles, but not as straight as the flaps for dressage saddles.  It's what the Germans call VSD.
  • The Kent & Masters Flatback GP has a more forward cut, suitable for riding at a shorter stirrup length.
  • Changeable gullet bar - S-bar.
  • Flocking slots.
  • Changeable girth straps.


Available in Black or Brown

Available in 17" oir 17.5" seats.

Following gullet bar widths are available:
Narrow Medium
Medium Wide
Wide Extra Wide
Extra Wide/Extra Extra Wide
Extra Extra Wide

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Vendor: Kent and Masters

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