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Fairfax Performance Dressage Girth


Fairfax Performance Dressage Girth

Developed, designed, and handmade in the UK.

The first girth to be based on scientific research and proven to improve the horse’s performance by:

  • Dramatically reducing pressure (up to 82%).

  • Significantly increasing range of movement (up to 33% in forelimb protraction compared to the horse’s normal girth).

  • Eliminating gait asymmetry.

Key features:

  • Lined with Prolite, which is known for its ability to distribute pressure, absorb impact, and prevent rubbing.
  • Manufactured to allow the Prolite edge to "float" so that the horse's muscles can move underneath rather than bang against.
  • Combination of the contour and the cushioning creates a buffer zone and prevents a "hard" edge

The Fairfax Performance Dressage Girths are available in Black and Brown.

The Standard Gauge Dressage Girth is available in 2" increments from 22" to 34".

The Narrow Gauge Dressage Girth is available in 2" increments from 20" to 32".  The Narrow Gauge Dressage Girth is designed for use with dressage saddles on horses with a narrower rib cage, and contoured to avoid the sensitive area behind the elbow.

We are happy to special order any Fairfax Performance Dressage Girth for $395.  Sometimes we end up with extra girth, or demos, and we will include these here, usually at a generous discount.


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