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Kent and Masters S-Series Jump Saddle

Kent & Masters S-Series Jump Saddle

The S-Series saddles are made to a higher specification by including additional design details. A greater level of craftsmanship is involved in making the hide covered skirts and ghosted stitching on the knee pads, giving this saddle a more luxurious feel and appearance.

Kent & Masters jump saddles are available in black in 17" and 17.5" seats
Following gullet bar widths are available: Narrow Medium, Medium, Medium Wide, Wide, Wide Extra Wide, Extra Wide
The ideal choice for a high-withered horse
Built on a SimaTree saddle tree shaped to give wither clearance
Tree positions the rider centrally for a balanced riding position
Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort
Ghosted stitching in the knee-pad to contour over the knee roll
Suitable for many styles of riding, including flatwork, jumping and hacking

All Kent & Masters saddles offer these flexible features to help fine-tune the fit:

Changeable gullet bar - R-bar
Flocking slots
Changeable girth straps

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