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Prolite Adjustable Front Riser Pad

  • The Prolite Adjustable Front Riser Pad allows the rider to provide selected rise in front for optimal saddle fit.
  • Provides proven impact resistance from strikes and blows or rider movement, reducing rider distraction and horse discomfort and injury.
  • Disperses pressure points over a wider area, relieving continuous pressure that can cause irritation and reducing the possibility of deeper bruising.
  • Absorbs lateral movement while remaining still against the skin, preventing unwanted friction that can lead to soreness and discomfort.
  • A versatile, hard-working pad, featuring Prolite inserts that can be used or removed as necessary to alter the depth at the front or rear. Use it without any inserts as a standard Relief Pad. A practical choice for a youngster that’s developing or changing, or when using one saddle on different horses.

Available in Black.

This pad is 21.5" long and 11" deep.

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