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Thinline Trifecta Half Pad medium White

Shop Warn with some smudges, never on a horse just handled in the store.


The Trifecta takes the basic Ultra ThinLine Half pad to a whole new level.

Reduce Rider Movement* Protect Horses’ Backs* Improve Saddle Fit

The cotton base design with Ultra ThinLine on top creates a nice wither profile and spine free channel allowing Ultra ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place.

This pad will fit under both custom fitted and off the rack saddles, and because of the pad’s sleek design it won’t alter custom saddle fit.

If you need to make corrections to your saddle fit The Trifecta is also shimmable in the Front, Bridging, and Rear to help assist with minor saddle fitting adjustments.

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Type: Pads

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