Grandeur Airco Quilt Saddle Square


The Grandeur Airco Quilt Saddle Square is one of the sturdiest, most durable saddle pads we have seen in years:
  • Like all Grandeur pads, this pad is remarkably well-crafted and durable. 
  • It's available in a box quilting pattern as well as the the Revision quilt pattern, which is a made with an ultra-soft material quilted in a diagonal/lightning strike design.
  • The neoprene pocket panel provides additional security for the saddle on the pad.
  • The spine of the pad is designed and cut to remain in place, and is vented to reduce heat build-up - that's the Airco part of the name.
  • The comparatively thin material concentration of the rubber pocket with 6 mm rubber does not alter the saddle fit, though latex foam inserts allow modest saddle fit adjustments.
  • See the drop-down menu for saddle pads available for immediate shipment.
  • Other colors and styles are available for custom order.  Grandeur also makes an extensive range of treeless saddle pads.  Just call.
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