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Contact Advanced Saddle Fit

Thanks for getting in touch.  We'll do our best to get back to you quickly.

If you are contacting us about scheduling a saddle fitting or about saddle fit issues, please include phone number as well as e-mail and provide as much info as possible about you and your horse, your saddle needs, and particular saddle fit issues.  If you've tried other saddles that haven't quite met your needs, please let us know which saddles you've tried and where you've had issues with them.  It would also be extremely helpful if you could e-mail photos of your horse to  Include photos from the side, front, and rear.  No need to go wild.  A few photos are enough to get us started.

If you prefer, you can call Advanced Saddle Fit at 603.762.3570, ideally during the workday, Monday - Friday.