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Oakwood Leather Conditioner

  • Oakwood Leather Conditioner provides intense rehydration of saddlery, while softening leather and repelling water and stains for overall protection
  • Regular use of Oakwood Leather Conditioner will help maintain and improve the resilience and durability of your leather articles.
  • Perfect for regular use on use on your new and old saddles, tack, boots, and accessories. Also perfect for exotic leathers.
  • Specially formulated in a careful balance of natural nourishing waxes and oils including lanolin, beeswax, emu oil, tea tree and eucalyptus oil.  
  • Suitable for leather saddlers and tack, shoes and boots, handbags, leather jackets, and more


Available in 125ml tube (about 4.4 0z) and 500ml (about 17 oz) tub.

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