Prolite Adjustable Multi-Riser Pad


  • The Prolite Adjustable Multi-Riser Pad is far and away one of the most popular Prolite pads.  The name is self-explanatory - this pad allows riders to adjust the fit front and rear, left and right.  This pad is ideal for school use or for horses that are changing due to natural growth, training, or injury.
  • Provides proven impact resistance from strikes and blows or rider movement, reducing rider distraction and horse discomfort and injury.
  • Disperses pressure points over a wider area, relieving continuous pressure that can cause irritation and reducing the possibility of deeper bruising.
  • Absorbs lateral movement while remaining still against the skin, preventing unwanted friction that can lead to soreness and discomfort.
Available in Black.

The Multi-Riser pad is 21" long and 11.5" deep.

Collections: Saddle Pads

Vendor: Prolite

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