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Prolite Tri-Pad

  • The Prolite Tri-Pad builds on the versatility available with the Prolite Adjustable Multi-Riser Pad by offering three pockets per side - front, center, and rear - to use the Prolite inserts to alter the depth and/or provide anti-concussive relief precisely where needed.

  • The Prolite Tri-Pad is ideal for young horses as they develop or for use with multiple saddles and horses.  An excellent choice for swayback horses.

  • Suitable for use with dressage and jump saddles.

  • Provides proven impact resistance from strikes and blows or rider movement, reducing rider distraction and horse discomfort and injury.

  • Disperses pressure points over a wider area, relieving continuous pressure that can cause irritation and reducing the possibility of deeper bruising.

  • Absorbs lateral movement while remaining still against the skin, preventing unwanted friction that can lead to soreness and discomfort.


Available in one size, in black.  

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